Salary Advance Loan in India – Get Early Salary with Flexible Repayment Options

Are you running short of your salary 2 weeks in advance of your next paycheck? Earlier, you probably did not have many options, Now, you can apply for Salary Advance Loan to get your salary early and use your cash flexibly. Early Salary Advance Loan at LoanSumo provide the option of easy, quick, and flexible option for those who are seeking an early way to cash their paycheck.

Salary Advance Loan for Early Paycheck

We understand that today’s urban lifestyles require mean people often live paycheck to paycheck. Salaried individuals are sometimes in a cash crunch at the end of the month having to pay for their electricity bill or to repair their broken cell phone screen. Whatever be the cause, people are now looking for options to meet the urgent need for short period cash loans.

LoanSumo in partnership with its large lender network provides instant salary advance loan for salaried employees. The Salary Advances are flexible instant loans made to meet month-end needs of corporate employees.

Being a responsible borrower

One of the major items we recommend to LoanSumo borrowers is for them not to borrow money when they do not need it. Salary Advance Loan have higher interest rates due to the short-term nature of these loans. Hence, these loans should not be used for luxury needs, travel, buying gadgets or gifts, etc.

Instead, use these loans responsibly for an urgent emergency only. For example, a medical emergency or a vehicle loan breakdown would be more of an appropriate reason to borrow money. When one is borrowing a personal loan, it is important to be mindful on what the interest rates are, what other fees are charges (processing fee, late fee, etc), and the tenure of loan.

Flexible Advance Salary Loan in India

Our Salary Advance Loan in India are very flexible in nature for the below reasons:

  • Borrow at end of the month when cash is running out
  • Terms beginning from 2 weeks
  • Loan Amounts start at as small as 10000 Rupees
  • People with Low CIBIL score accepted
  • No requirement for security, guarantee, collateral or co-signer

Through the flex salary advance at LoanSumo, we are able to meet the needs of many salaried workers in India today. We serve all the major metros in India including Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and Kolkata.

Online Application for Advance Salary

Are you looking for a short-term loan to meet your financial needs prior or earlier to your salary day? Do you need money urgently for an unavoidable emergency? Then, apply for a loan at LoanSumo. Below are the online loan application steps at LoanSumo:

Apply Online: LoanSumo provides an easy, paperless, and quick loan application form that can be filled in less than 2 minutes. Based on this data, LoanSumo matches you with a salary advance lender

Get Approval within 1 hour: After you apply, we will provide an approval as early as 1 hour within 24 hours.

Get loan amount in your bank account: Within 24 hours of approval, our lender partner will be in touch with you to disburse your cash loan to your account.

Easy Advance Salary Loan @ LoanSumo

Need money urgently at the end of the month? Have bills to pay? Then, LoanSumo is your go-to option for a Salary Advance Loan. Our Salary Advance bring you early relief from your salary day woes and give you a flexible option to have money for a tough day. LoanSumo is an Instant Personal Loan platform in India that works with lenders across the spectrum including banks, NBFC’s, and private finance lending companies.