Fullerton Personal Loan Online – Check Eligibility and Interest Rates

Thinking about applying for the Fullerton personal loan online? Founded in 2007, Fullerton India Credit Company Limited is one of the leading non-banking financial companies in India. With over 400 branches in more than 600 towns across the country, Fullerton aims at bringing the best financial products and services to the under-banked sections of the society. Their goal is to cater to the under-developed communities to help improve their economic position and quality of life. The NBFC has operations in urban areas too. Under the Urban Financing schemes, Fullerton provides a host of financial products including personal loans to meet the needs of its urban audience.

Why you may need a Fullerton personal loan online

The rising cost of everything has taken its toll on the common man’s personal finances. Even if you make good money, you may find it difficult to cope with sudden expenses and emergencies. The situation is worse for low to average income individuals who do not have enough savings to help them tide over a financial crisis or a temporary cash crunch. Thankfully, companies such as Fullerton offer the perfect solution – instant personal loans! The Fullerton personal loan online application makes it possible for you to obtain funds in an easy and hassle-free manner.

If you have ever applied for a loan at the bank, you know that those usually involve a complex application process, hefty documentation, and lengthy approval time. When you need money fast, you cannot afford to go through all that trouble. That is when NBFCs and personal loan apps come into play. To obtain a Fullerton personal loan online, all you have to do is submit your application, provide minimal documentation, and wait for the approval. If you meet the eligibility requirements, the chances are that your application will get approved within a few days and the money will be transferred directly to your bank account.

The various types of Fullerton personal loans

The best thing about Fullerton personal loans is that they are versatile, much like most personal loans. Unlike a credit card that provides a revolving line of credit, a personal loan gives you a one-time lump sum amount. You can borrow a personal loan for any reason or purpose. There are no hard and fast rules about how or where you should spend the money. Some of the common reasons for borrowing a personal loan include debt consolidation, home improvement, rent and bill payment, medical emergency, car repair, vacation, wedding and much more. Here are some of the most popular Fullerton personal loan online schemes that you should check out:

Personal Loan for Women:

Fullerton Personal Loan for Women is an exclusive product that is intended to empower women. It is a customized personal loan that helps women borrowers find financial support in times of need.

Personal Loan for Elite:

Fullerton provides special privileges and offers to the elite customers. As the name suggests, Personal Loan for Elite is reserved for the top tier borrowers. To be considered an “elite,” you need to have a minimum income of Rs. 75000. As an elite customer, you can borrow a minimum amount of Rs. 8 lakhs and a maximum amount of Rs. 20 lakhs.

Personal Loan for Wedding:

Let’s face it, weddings cost a lot of money, but we all want “the big day” to be magical. Now, thanks to Fullerton Personal Loan for Wedding, you can have the grand wedding that you have always dreamed of.

Personal Loan for Holiday:

Are you tired of the same old routine and need a break? It is time to take a vacation! With Fullerton Personal Loan for Holiday, you can plan a fun and exciting trip. Book the flight, get the best hotel rooms and get ready for an adventure!

Personal Loan for Doctors:

This loan is for practicing doctors and consultants working in private or government hospitals or clinics. You can borrow up to Rs. 30 lakhs. Attractive interest rates and super quick approvals are two of the main features of this loan.

Personal Loan for Home Improvement:

Does your home need an urgent repair or do you want to change how it looks? Now, you can give your house a complete makeover with the Fullerton Personal Loan For Home Improvement.

Personal Loan for Medical Emergency:

You cannot always prepare for emergencies. When you or a loved one falls sick and needs immediate hospitalization, the Fullerton Personal Loan for Medical Emergency can provide the funds needed.

Charges and interest rates for Fullerton personal loan online

Before deciding to apply for the Fullerton personal loan online, you need to find out whether you can repay it on time. Unlike online cash loans that provide small amounts of money and have a short repayment tenure, Fullerton personal loans provide large amounts with a flexible repayment scheme. However, with a longer repayment term, you will also be accumulating a lot of interest. Even though Fullerton offers low rates to people with high credit scores, you should check eligibility & interest rates online to make sure you can afford it.

Here at Loan Sumo, we aim at helping you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing loan products. That is why we have listed the basic rates and charges below. You can use the numbers to carry out a rough calculation and figure out the cost.

Loan amount Up to Rs. 20 lakhs
Tenure 1 to 5 years
Interest rate 12.49% – 33%
Processing charges 6.0% (one-time fee)
Pre-closure charges Up to 7% of the outstanding principal

Do you want to make the borrowing process even easier? Check out Loan Sumo and apply for a loan by submitting our quick application form. We will get the process started for you and get you the fastest approval!