Personal Loan for Low CIBIL score – How to get a Loan with Low CIBIL?

Are you seeking a personal loan for Low CIBIL score? Getting a personal loan from banks and NBFC’s with bad credit can be difficult. LoanSumo is a marketplace that matches borrowers with lenders. Our large network of lenders contains direct lenders who specialize in providing low CIBIL personal loans for those with low or no CIBIL score

Personal Loan for Low CIBIL Score

All of us have financial needs, no matter our credit standing. It helps to have a good credit score so that one is eligible for the best terms on loans and credit cards. It is usually much easier and faster to get a personal loan for those who have a good CIBIL score. However, there are many who may not have a good CIBIL score.

Our bad credit loans are targeted at helping those with a low CIBIL get access to credit. In India, there are no banks and NBFC’s willing to accept alternate data and documents in regards to Salary or Social Media. Due to the somewhat old underwriting of banks, many cant access credit easily.

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Low CIBIL Personal Loans in India

One may need money urgently for many emergencies of the daily life. It can be for money needs as small as 5000 rupees. When the need is there, many customers cannot get access to a personal loan because of their low CIBIL score.

Our Low CIBIL Score loans help borrowers with access to easy, fast, and convenient credit options so that they do not suffer from more financial emergencies because of credit history. However, our warning to all our customers is that they improve their credit history in the long term to get cheap, easy, and quick access to better immediate cash loans in India from banks and NBFC’s.


If you have a poor or low CIBIL score, it is most likely that you have committed one of the below:

  • Missed Credit Card or Loan Payments
  • Late Payments of monthly installments
  • Multiple hard credit checks on your Credit Report
  • Defaulted a loan or credit card account

It can be hard to recover from bad credit but efforts can be made to improve their credit score. One of the key habits people with poor CIBIL score should do it to make loan payments on time and in full and to never default on a loan or credit card payment.

If you have no CIBIL score, it means that you have never borrowed in the past. Banks usually do not like lending to first-time credit customers because they are not aware of the ability of the customer to make payments.

No Credit Check Loans without CIBIL verification

It is possible to issue credit without doing a CIBIL verification or credit check of the borrower. There are many innovative lenders who are now using alternate data of the customer including text messages, salary accounts, spend history, social media activity, and job profile to judge the creditworthiness of a borrower.

We offer No Hard Credit Check instant cash Loans in India where lenders look at borrower salary as the main piece of information. Borrowers can easily fill out an application and expect a response from us in as little as 1 hour.

Quick Cash Loans for Bad CIBIL

If your credit score is bad, you may not get the best terms or rates on your loans and credit cards. More importantly, you may not even get easy or quick access to credit when you need it. LoanSumo specializes in offering online cash loans to those who may be suffering from poor CIBIL, low CIBIL, or no CIBIL.

LoanSumo works with lenders across the country including banks, NBFC’s and private finance lenders. Our loans are offered across the country in all the major cities including Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, and Kolkata:

Which bank gives Personal Loan with Bad Credit without CIBIL verification?

No bank in India currently offers personal loans without CIBIL verification. For banks, CIBIL or Credit verification is the most important factor in them judging whether a customer is creditworthy. Banks won’t easily move away from using credit verification as the core underwriting model for lending.

LoanSumo offers instant personal loans to customers with poor credit based on other factors like salary and other innovative underwriting technology. By looking at alternative data, LoanSumo provides intelligence to our lender partners who are better able to serve borrowers with poor credit scores.