Paperless Loans in India – Loan with No Paperwork & No Hard Credit Checks

Instant Paperless Loan without Documents

Gone are days when applying for a loan meant borrowers had to physically step in a bank. Today, a lot of banks and financial institutions are offering paperless loans wherein loan approvals are given without the physical verification of any documents. 100% Online. However, many lenders however still require that some documentation be provided once the loan approval is provided.

What is a Paperless Loan?

A Paperless Loan is exactly what it sounds like. Access or approval to Credit is given to a borrower prior to or without any requirement of physical paperwork and identity documentation. Here, all the required paperwork is actually done through online checks and verifications.

How do Instant Paperless Loans with No Documents required work in India?

A Paperless Loan usually does not need any physical documentation prior to approval. Once loan approval is given, the borrower may be asked to furnish documentation around identity, employment proof, income proof, and residence proof. However, with the increased penetration of e-KYC, some lenders do not need a physical verification.

Instant Loans No Hard Credit Checks, Paperless Application in India

No Hard Credit Checks

Our Online Application for Instant Cash Loans Online comes with no hard credit checks and Paperless application. Hence, the user’s credit score will not be impacted by the credit check when our partner lenders check the credit profile of borrowers.

No Paperwork, Paperless Online Application

We offer Quick Loans in India with a simple online application and minimal paperwork. You can upload all your documentation on our easy online app. Some of the things we ask for in our online app are Copy of PAN Card, Proof of Residence (Electricity/Telecom/Gas Bill), Proof of Income for last three months prior to application, Bank Statement Copy for last six months to one year, IT Return Documents, Form 16, and Proof of Employment.

No Documentation for Collateral (Unsecured Loans)

We offer Instant loans in India without documentation for any collateral and security. All our loans are unsecured and do not require any guarantee to put against the loan.

Do “Instant Cash Loans No Credit Checks No Paperwork in India” exist?

From our research, there are almost no cases where there are Instant Cash Loans available with No Credit Check and No Paperwork in India. Some form of soft credit check will always be performed and some form of paperwork will always be required even if it is as simple as a PAN Card.

What to use Paperless Loans for:

Same Day Payday Loans:

Have an emergency for which you need a payday loan in India? We can help with that. With approvals in as little as 1 hour up to 24 hours, we work tirelessly to enable same day loans for our customers with many different financiers, direct lenders, banks, and NBFC’s in India. With advanced technology processes and simple customer documentation needs, we can offer instant loans approvals and disburse cash in quick turn around time.

Salary Advance Loans:

Is your payday 2 weeks away when you are in dire need of a cash loan to pay bills in the meantime? We offer Salary Advance Loans and form of Cash Advance to borrowers in India. Our Salary Advance Loans can be borrowed for as little as a week up to a few months as needed by the borrower.

Small Short Term Loans:

Need money urgently for which you need a 3-month loan, 6-month loan, or a 12-month loan? This could be for your marriage expenses, paying a down payment for your car/bike, or for an upcoming vacation travel? We can support your Instant Cash Loans needs at LoanSumo.

Emergency Loans for Immediate Needs:

We all have those urgent needs for which we do not have the necessary cash to pay the bills. It may be a case of the payday being too far away from where you are unable to wait for your next salary. Or, it may be a case of a sudden medical or health emergency. To support these situations, we have hand loans, medical loans, and salary advance loans.

About LoanSumo

LoanSumo is an Instant Loans platform that helps borrowers apply for online loans with multiple lenders at one go. LoanSumo works with a range of lenders to offer both Instant Cash Loans and Personal Loans including Banks, NBFC’s, Digital Lenders, P2P Lenders, and Private Finance Companies. Through its lender partners, LoanSumo provides paperless online application, same-day processing, quick loan approval in as little as 1 Hour, and fast disbursals.

Please note that LoanSumo is not a direct lender, and hence does not make decisions on loan approvals, loan terms, and loan disbursals. Fast loan approvals and disbursals are dependant upon the borrower profile and lender terms.